Why international students choose York St.. John

When choosing universities, York St. John (YSJ) may not be the first institution that comes to mind, but studying here will prove to be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

York St. John is a wonderful learning environment that focuses on providing quality education, qualified teachers, state-of-the-art learning facilities, and a warm, friendly environment. The university courses are designed to help students gain direct access to the graduate job market, with its York Business School being accredited by CIMA and ACCA.

YSJ knows that for most international students, the guarantee that they will be able to land a good job is of great importance when choosing a university in mind. That is why the university recently opened a brand new campus located in the heart of Central London.

With London being the business hub of the UK, the university has been able to ensure that 95% of York St John graduates are employed or further studied, according to the Higher Graduates Outcome data published in 2021.

Taking a step back, it is important to know the history behind York St. John University and how the university has been able to build its reputation to become one of the best and most sought-after universities by international students who wish to study in the United Kingdom (UK).

About York St. John.

York St. John University’s history dates back to 1841 when St. John’s College was founded as an Anglican teacher training college. In 1846, Ripon College opened for women, and in 1974, the two colleges merged to form the College of Ripon and York St John. In 2005, the college was granted university status, and in 2006 it became York St. John University.

There are over 100 undergraduate courses available for students to choose from. These are divided into nine schools: art, design, and computer science; business; education; health sciences; humanities; religion and philosophy; languages and linguistics; performance and media production; psychological and social sciences; and sport. The university also offers several postgraduate degree programs.

The university is in the historic city of York, in northeast England, the United Kingdom. Founded by the Romans, York has a rich history, which has been preserved in several landmarks, including the 13th-century Gothic cathedral, York Minster. The city is known for The Shambles, a set of cobbled streets with traditional shop fronts and timber-framed houses, which attract increasing numbers of visitors every year. For those wishing to explore other areas of the UK, Leeds is just a 20-minute train journey away, whilst London can be reached within two hours by train.

York St. John is committed to challenging prejudice and inequity within the community. This is achieved through various research projects, which target areas of society that need improving. Research is carried out at the university’s research institutes, including the International Centre for Community Music, the Centre for Language and Social Justice Research, and the Centre for Religion in Society. It was ranked 83rd in the Times University Guide 2022 and 84th in the Guardian University Guide 2022.

Airport collections are available, with an international welcome program running before the beginning of the term. The International Office can offer advice on visas and immigration. York St. John offers English support at a range of different levels and at different times, including pre-sessional courses, weekly conversation classes, and in-sessional programs. In addition, the Student Union runs Global Friends, a society that brings international and British students together to encourage friendship. Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why international students choose York St. John University.

Why do international students choose York St. John?

Teaching that challenges and inspires

Teaching at YSJ is centered on research and professional experience. This means your learning is informed by the most current thinking in the subject area. Your studies will contribute to new forms of knowledge by asking big contemporary questions and making you a part of an academic community that pushes the boundaries of learning. Lecturers are enthusiastic and ready to answer any questions, finding ways to make what they’re teaching engaging and unpack more difficult content by linking it to things in the media or other sources.

Great location

York is a great city for postgraduate students with opportunities for research, development, socializing, and entertainment. It was voted the best place to live in the UK (2018, The Sunday Times) and the best northern city to live in (2019, The Sunday Times). For over 2,000 years, York has thrived. It’s a welcoming place, steeped in a unique history and culture. York Minster, Betty’s Tea Room, and the Shambles are just some of the iconic places that make this city stand out.

As a YSJ student, you’ll be right in the center of the city, which is great as there’s plenty to do here. While the campus is fairly quiet most days (the library is open 24 hours a day, even on Christmas Day), you will always find something to do in the city. When you first move in, be sure to get to know the area by being a tourist for the day. Head to see York Minster, the Shambles, and the Fossgate cafes. Plus, be sure to pick up your York 100 challenge list so you can start working your way through the bucket list of the many things the city has to offer.

Flexible learning

YSJ is aware that students have other commitments alongside their studies. Even as a full-time student, you may only be on campus a few times a week. This is why the school works hard to make courses accessible to you, whatever your circumstances. Flexible part-time options are available for the majority of its postgraduate courses.

Outstanding learning facilities

YSJ has invested over £100 million in its campus over the last 10 years to make sure learning spaces meet the needs of its students. The library is open to students 24 hours a day. Specialist facilities include laboratories for biomechanics, physiology, physiotherapy, and psychology; dance and drama studios; music production rooms; and a suite of dedicated visual media facilities. YSJ has a brand new Creative Centre which spans 3 floors and contains a 210-seat theatre and teaching facilities for our creative and computing courses.

Supportive student community 

For most international students, moving away from home for the first time can be exciting and at the same time nerve-wracking. It is important to be in a comfortable environment you can adjust to quickly. YSJ has provided support systems in place, namely the wellbeing team, which are excellent at responding to students efficiently and finding the right course of action for every individual. You are given a tour of the campus on your first week, introduced to various clubs and societies, available food options at the cafeteria, and campus facilities, as well as a GP on campus to make you feel doubly safe. The student satisfaction rate is 85% for overall satisfaction in 2018 according to the National Student Survey (NSS), exceeding the national average of 83%.

CV boost and career advancement

 From sports to journalism, there is a bit of everything at York St. John, and it’s great that the university openly encourages you to try new things and see what works for you. Through the activities you engage in, you will discover new skills and make friends with like-minded people who are studying across a range of different courses. You might even go full circle and sign up to be a student ambassador to help prospective students find out if this is the right place for them on open days next year.

Through the university, I’ve become a digital ambassador, using my love of writing to create articles like this one, and I’ve also been trained to answer inquiries with the Student Room and had a photo shoot for the university website. These opportunities have been a big boost and helped contribute to some of my best memories of university so far, pushing me out of my comfort zone and making it easier to say “yes” to new experiences. 

Small classroom setting

Our small class sizes allow you to get the most out of your postgraduate studies as you collaborate with others and challenge your thinking. Unleash your curiosity in a supportive teaching community that enables you to excel. Plus, because it’s a smaller university, you’re far more likely to get the help and support you need. Throughout my first year of essays, I’ve been able to book time with my tutors a week in advance, and it’s helped me to maintain high marks on all my work throughout the year. On each occasion, the feedback I received went into so much detail that it was always clear where I had slipped up and how I could go on to fix it. 

On-campus entertainment and events

On-campus, there is always Archies Day to look forward to (named for the Archbishop of York, the day involves drinking heavily discounted alcohol in the SU bar), as well as the carol service, the music department’s Easter concert, event months, the literature festival, and so much more. My favorite month on campus would have to be November. We were studying Frankenstein in class around Bonfire Night and went on a trip to see a walking play production of the book. It focused more on the life of Mary Shelley but depicted sections of the famous Gothic novel as well. I’ll never forget the shadows of the actors on York Minster under a heavy blue sky, with all of us wrapped up in scarves and gloves.

It is a place of history, modernity, great minds, and adventure. Every corner offers a new surprise. The past year has been one of the best years of my life so far, and I cannot wait to find out what happens next. So, tell me, will York be your next adventure?

Making a difference

You will be part of a world-changing research community that drives positive impact and where social justice values inform your learning experience. From shining a light on environmental risks in Africa to exploring new ways to support children with autism, YSJ research focuses on improving the world around us.

At YSJ, emphasis is placed on the employability prospects of its students. The university provides additional support and resources to help you get where you want to be, whether this is furthering your career or achieving academic ambitions. YSJ offers professional development and CPD courses; business partnerships and community links; career events and networking opportunities; teaching opportunities as a Ph.D. student, as well as LaunchPad, our careers service.

Local, national, and international connections

YSJ is renowned for its sense of community and collaborative spirit. YSJ contacts that are within the business industry offer advice, networking opportunities, and experience to help you get your own business started. The university has links to universities and other learning institutions across the world, including Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, India, Asia, and China. This presents opportunities to collaborate and connect with people who share your academic interests.


York St John offers a guarantee of accommodation in university residences to all first-year students. There is no accommodation at York St. John University London Campus, but there is private student accommodation near the university London campus.


Looking at all these amazing benefits, it is no wonder international students flock to be a part of the university. You too can become a student at York St. John University through us, as we have become legal representatives of York St. John University here in Africa.

All you have to do is contact us and let Michelle and Anthony Consulting guide you through your application process.

Visit www.michelleandanthony.net and let’s get you started.

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