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Gain Admission To Study Abroad

With over 10 years as a leading educational representative for many schools in USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Germany and more reputable countries, we are very experienced in assisting you get into the right institutions for the right programs.

Our Study Partners

We are leading representatives of several renowned institutions worldwide. Let our years of experience get you wherever you want to study

Secure Accomodation

Stay in affordable high quality accommodation and enjoy continuous support to make the most of life as a student.

Summer Schools

Maximize the holidays by enrolling  in well-rounded world class summer schools to enhance accelerated learning and develop globally relevant skills

Pathway Programmes

Let our Strategic Partners Get You In To School through our International Foundation Programmes, or migrate to work and live abroad permanently.


Your child can now study 100% in Nigeria and earn the world-renowned Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) for a fraction of the cost.

The OSSD gives you unparalleled access to any top university worldwide including A-list institutions like Harvard, Yale, Oxford and so on.

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