Is studying in Spain worth it?

Spain is a popular study abroad destination for students from all over the world because of its gorgeous beaches, laid-back attitude, and delicious food. It is a city that has learned to blend modern infrastructures and new technologies with a rich cultural and artistic history.

With its year-round sunny location and varied scenery ranging from gorgeous coastlines to high highlands, the cityscapes are framed by world-famous structures and cathedrals. Spain offers a vibrant and exciting lifestyle where vacations and parties never stop.

Historically and currently, the Spanish language has had a cultural impact in over 20 nations across the world. It is one of the most spoken and frequently used languages in the world, and there is no better location to study Spanish than in Spain.

The country has a long history and a rich culture, offering high-quality university education with moderate tuition prices and low living costs, particularly outside the major cities. In 2019, Spain was rated #1 in’s Top 10 Study Abroad Countries in Europe ranking.

There are several reasons to study abroad in Spain, a few of the key reasons are:


The Mediterranean lifestyle

Spain will teach you how to calm down and enjoy your study abroad experience to the utmost. With regions boasting as few as 30 days of rainfall per year and a friendly culture across the nation, your time studying in Spain will be filled with delicious cuisine, good friends, and a lot of sunlight!

Learning a new language

Staying in Spain during your stay abroad is also an excellent opportunity to study the world’s second most widely spoken language—Spanish. You will not only obtain a high-quality education, but you will also gain a fresh perspective on the world and experience new things.

Good quality education

Spain has a good and quality educational system and facilities.  There are many top-ranked universities in Spain, giving students the options to choose based on their career choices. They can opt for universities or colleges or schools according to their course preferences as well.  Students have regular classes with maximum attention given to students individually. You will find great professors that will provide you with the best guidance.

Good for doing research

Spain’s universities provide you with enough material and guidelines to do your research. The professors are always ready to go to any extent to help the students, and it is one of the world-class places to do your research. This place provides you with an ample number of opportunities, and with learning and growing, you will find yourself having the best experiences of your life.

Affordable fees

When compared to other European nations, Spain offers a cheaper tuition fee. With the quality of education, its students do not feel the burden of student loans as well. There is a lot of financial assistance provided by the government of Spain to international students.

All they need to do is carefully read all the guidelines and criteria of their respective colleges and try and fulfill these criteria. There are some specific scholarships and grants for students from some parts of the world.

Friendly people

Spanish people are kind and welcoming. It is easy to break the ice while conversing with them. They go to any extent when you need their help and are open to new ideas and discussions. Even if you decide to leave the country after completing your studies, they will stay in touch with you forever.  Spain is among the safest countries among many European countries. The crime rate is low, though petty thefts like pickpocketing and others are uncommon as well.

Low cost of living

Apart from renting an apartment, other expenses like food and groceries are available at relatively cheaper rates. This helps in compensating for the rent of the apartments and maintaining a high standard of living.

There are numerous more advantages of studying in Spain, but it is not all roses, as there are certain drawbacks that students may encounter. Some of the disadvantages are as follows:

The Drawbacks of Studying in Spain

Accommodation costs are high

It is difficult to find property in this region, and even if one can, the prices of the units are exorbitant. They are rather expensive and might leave a dent in your budget. Most students prefer to share rooms or stay at their parents’ houses to save money. So, if you decide to migrate to this nation, think about this carefully.

Language barrier

Language becomes a barrier when you are moving to a place that is different from your home country. It becomes quite challenging for people from different countries to communicate with the people there, as there are very few people who speak English in the country, so getting along with people involves a lot of struggles.

Traffic congestion

You will always find traffic in this part of the world. And due to traffic jams, you will also experience noise pollution, making it a bit disturbing to live here. Who does not want to live in a quiet and peaceful place? Although the government has been taking the initiative to solve this problem, it has not come up with a permanent solution.

Little or no external recognition

Spain spends less money on advertising in foreign countries on its educational facilities or schemes. This is why the universities are not known to many people and the country does not get much exposure in terms of education and culture. This adds up to the drawback of studying in this country, as students might not get enough growth opportunities.

Working hours are extended

Working hours in Spain are comparatively long and people find this culture tiring. People who come from a different work culture find it difficult to adapt to such long working hours, making their experience more challenging.

Nevertheless, Spain undoubtedly remains a good study location for international students. So when thinking about your study abroad career, You should consider the EU Business School in Spain.

EU Business School delivers an outstanding business education on its campuses located in vibrant, cosmopolitan cities as well as online. High-level academics, consultants, entrepreneurs, and business leaders teach the EU’s innovative business programs in English to a multicultural student body of 100+ nationalities. Immersed in real-world business environments through company visits and guest speaker events, among others, students gain privileged insights into how companies work, giving them a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced business world.

The EU Business School is an institution that doesn’t just help you find employment, but it makes you employable. Students are introduced to the international business world through a diverse curriculum. This curriculum is taught in small class sizes, allowing for a flexible and personalized approach in English. This encourages students to communicate across borders.

EU Business school also makes use of case studies to reaffirm its dynamic and interactive teaching methods for a hands-on business education that fosters entrepreneurial thinking. This is achieved by the school’s team of highly qualified academics, entrepreneurs, consultants, and business leaders. It is no wonder the school is ranked among the best and is consistently featured in the top tier of global and European rankings.

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