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Teenage years mark a new era where the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” keeps popping up. This question though innocent can result to stress and anxiety even for some adults. Who we want to be and how we want to achieve it depends on various factors such as our society, school, church, communities, peer group, friends and family.

Statistics shows that most children spend more time in school than at home, making school a vital part of every child’s life. It important that as parents, we choose the right schools for our children especially the girl child, as this shapes their knowledge about who they want to be and how they hope to achieve it.

Times are changing and parents no longer want the conventional way of learning for their kids. Girls now have a voice, access to education, opportunities, which makes them aspire to be more. As such, parents now want a school that is daring, exciting, and call for boldness and enthusiasm that will give their girl child an all-round experience.

Getting a school like this can be difficult, but Jersey College for Girls as it all. Jersey College for Girls seeks to develop a girl’s sense of self and confidence to embrace challenges with a smile and an understanding of where to find support and be secured in the knowledge that this will always be given.


Jersey College for Girls (JCG) is an academic and compassionate girls’ school for 11–18-year-olds, offering education up to and including A-levels. Students can enter JCG from year 7 (aged 11) and study towards GCSEs and A levels. As a school within the Channel Island of Jersey, students have many opportunities to explore and enjoy life beyond the four walls of the school, as well as traditional school pastimes, such as sport and drama.

Jersey College for Girls believe that effort, perseverance, and ambition combined with the great support and care of their teachers and parents, enable students to excel academically. The result is an excellent exam results, which place JCG within the top 12% of all UK schools.

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JCG’s learning resources enable students to grow, by creating a lifelong community of learners. This is done by providing students access to support teams which has a detailed overview, understanding and appreciation of each student in the school and the progress she is making in all aspects of her development.

The tutor is also the first point of contact for parents. On joining the school students are assigned to a tutor group. They meet with their tutor twice each day; the tutor gets to know the students in his or her form group very well. Tutors usually stay with their form groups throughout the College and monitor their wellbeing, progress, and extra-curricular participation.

In addition to the tutor team, students have access to full-time counsellor provision, assistant heads of school and teaching assistants who are trained to deliver emotional as well as academic support. Each year group is overseen by their Head of School or Head of Sixth Form, led by the Assistant Head Progress and Welfare.


Situated close to both the UK and continental Europe, Jersey offers an exclusive environment in which to study. Its world-renowned finance industry attracts leading financiers and business owners. Jersey has stunning beaches, clean air and a very low crime rate offering one of the safest places in the world to live, work or study. JCG is the premier school in Jersey, consistently achieving excellent examination results.


Jersey College for Girls is a day school, however all international students who join JCG will benefit from being completely immersed in an English environment through home boarding with local JCG and Jersey families. This aids in quicker integration into UK life and an enhanced rate of improvement in spoken English thereby improving their understanding of British language and culture.

Because Jersey College of Girls care about its student, the college ensures that effort is taken to ensure that international students are housed in a caring and supportive home where they can fully appreciate the benefits of island life and maximise their learning experience.


Jersey College for Girls offers bespoke academic programmes to meet student needs and goals. Jersey College Foundation offers a range of inspirational short programmes to allow students to develop their leadership qualities, experience Jersey College for Girls’ academic education and appreciate the diverse and beautiful environment that is Jersey. All programmes include elements of leadership, teamwork, challenge, and networking.

In addition to programmes in Biomedical Science, Female Leadership and Exam Preparedness, Jersey College Foundation can design a tailor-made programme to fit exactly to your needs. Some of the progrommes are:

  • GCSE Full Qualification Programme: This is a two-year programme leading to the award of internationally recognised GCSEs. Students will join the programme in year 10 (grade 9) and choose a maximum of 11 GCSEs.
  • Pre-A level – Foundation Programme: The one-year A level foundation programmes are designed as a short course entry into one of our A level Female Leadership Programmes.
  • A Level Full Qualification Programme: This is a two-year programme leading to the award of internationally recognised A Levels. Students will join the programme in year 12 (grade 11) and choose a maximum of 3 A Levels and 2 electives.
  • A Level Female Leadership (Finance): The JCG Female Leadership International Finance Programme gives your daughter the benefit of high-performance academic education coupled with elite professional training in International Finance, Entrepreneurship and Trading. Students will graduate from the programme with a highly differentiated position to apply to the world’s leading universities and pursue an elite career in International Finance.
  • Leadership Coding: The JCG A Level Female Coding Programme gives your daughter the benefits of high-performance academic education, coupled with elite professional training in the area of computer programming. Your daughter will leave the programme with a highly differentiated position to apply to the world’s leading universities and pursue an elite career in computer science, programming and other related fields.
  • Leadership – Sailing: The JCG A Level Female Sailing Programme gives your daughter the benefits of our high-performance academic education, coupled with a Day Skipper Licence. Your daughter will leave the programme with a highly differentiated position to apply to the world’s leading universities.
  • LEAP (Leadership and Entrepreneurship Accelerator Programme): The LEAP programme develops business, entrepreneurial and leadership skills through launching social enterprise projects to target key global issues. International teams of students formulate their own ideas into a business pitch. Global experts act as coaches, mentors and guides. Finally, they act as investors, ready to provide funding in a Dragon’s Den like final pitch.
  • Creative Minds Camp: JCG Foundation is excited to launch our school holiday camp for children in Years 1-4. The camp will offer a range of fun and educational sessions, including STEM, creative and physical activities for children to enjoy in a safe and supervised environment. The camp will also allow children to develop their teamwork and communication skills whilst working in groups on challenges and projects. Each day will involve two different sessions, each including a range of activities, and lunch will be provided.
  • Biomedical Leadership: If you are are considering or are curious about a career in the biomedical field, our summer leadership programme will give you a hands on experience on a unique and diverse island. The programme is led by experts from top UK universities, Jersey General Hospital and Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Your learning would include:
  • Heart dissection and suturing techniques
  • Forensic Science
  • Veterinary Science
  • Microbiology
  • Hematology
  • Biodiversity study on the beach.

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Reading through this various female empowerment programmes, you must be excited as a parent about the opportunities and skills that Jersey Girls College has made available for your child. The question that comes to mind after the excitement is how much would this great offer cost me?


The fees for Jersey College for Girls for the academic year September 2021 – August 2022 are £2198 per term / £6594 per annum and are subject to an annual review in the Spring Term. Fees are increased as required in September each year following consultation with the Board of Governors and the Government of Jersey. The Board of Governors endeavours to advise parents of the new fee at the end of Spring Term.

JCG’s fees are paid a term in advance by direct debit and payment is either taken in full on the first day of term or monthly, commencing 1 June, 1 October and 1 February for the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms respectively. All applications for entry, and continuing attendance, are subject to the ability of parents to meet the fees.


The admissions process begins once the College has received a completed application form for your daughter, together with an administration fee of £80.00. Receipt will be acknowledged once the application details have been entered into the College database.

Upon acceptance of a place, you will be invited to attend the College’s Open Evening, which takes place early in October each year.

College Experience Days are available for Year 5 students. These take place annually in May/June.

Education is one of the strongest tools you need to succeed, so embrace it and always seek knowledge. Begin your daughter’s registration today, visit and let us connect you to this world class experience.




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