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Studying in Turkey has over time proven to be exciting and adventurous, giving you the European and Asian culture vibes. It is a fascinating place not only because it is placed on two different continents, but also because it has an ancient history and synthesis of civilizations.

You get wrapped in the friendly charm of the city, as you experience famous universities with a centuries-long history, vivacious nightlife, interact with the young population, shop at the country’s ever-bustling markets, and meet hospitable people.

The tourist country welcomes thousands of international students every year and has great campus facilities that engage in top-notch research. It offers relatively inexpensive and good quality education, with opportunities for scholarships that also pay a monthly allowance, covering accommodation and tuition fees, health insurance, and travel expenses.

Turkey universities are known to be one of the best in the world, with over 10 Turkish universities featured in the QS World University Rankings® 2019, and 45 Turkish universities in the 2019 edition of the QS University Rankings: EECA, a ranking of the leading universities in Emerging Europe and Central Asia. Still wondering if Turkey is the right choice, check out the reasons why you should choose Turkey.

10 Reasons why you should study in Turkey. 

  • Quality higher education opportunities: Turkey is the second country in the world in access to higher education with a 94.2% schooling rate. Turkey is involved in European Higher Education Area and is perfectly implementing the Bologna Process, so the diploma you receive from a university in Turkey is recognized in all European countries.
  • University and Program Diversity: There are over 200 universities in Turkey with a population of 82 million. Over 58,000 different programs are spanning over 200 universities, giving you a variety of options to choose from.
  • Multicultural Life: Turkey, has hosted many deep-rooted civilizations in its territory for thousands of years. In this country where countless civilizations have been hosted, everyone is tolerant and respectful to each other. You can also find a piece of your roots and perhaps can meet people who speak your language.
  • Natural Beauties: Turkey experiences four seasons and has a reputation for its natural beauties and landscapes all over the world. You can enjoy swimming and water sports in the seas, ski in many cities in the mountains, enjoy rafting in the rivers and experience many extreme sports. 
  • Historical and Cultural Heritage: Based on a long history, there are thousands of historical and cultural monuments in Turkey, many of which are protected as UNESCO Cultural Heritage. You get the opportunity to experience and be informed about historic events and buildings in Turkey.             
  • Student Friendly: With at least one university in every city, Turkey is exactly a student-friendly country. There are social clubs, sports teams, and cultural events at every university that bring together students and make distant geographies close. When you arrive in Turkey you will understand that the most active points of the city are the places where students socialize, such as cafes, restaurants, and libraries that are opened 24 hours a day.
  • Modern Technological Campuses: No matter which Turkish university you go to, you will experience a modern and convenient campus life, equipped with the latest technology and modern learning methodology.
  • Affordability: Life in Turkey is more affordable than in most countries. You can meet your needs, such as accommodation, food and drink, and entertainment at affordable prices. You can stay at the dormitories within or near the University campuses or rent a house for a reasonable lease. In addition, whichever transportation you choose as a student, you will receive a ticket at a discounted price, or watch the movie in the cinema at a cheaper price. 
  • Easy transport links: Turkey is also an easy-to-reach country because it is in the middle of Asia and the European continents. Whichever way you choose to discover Turkey, which hosts countless places of attraction, you can arrive where you want quickly and comfortably.
  • English taught programs: Turkish Universities provide various programs in English. Besides that, great opportunity, you can also learn Turkish – the 5th most spoken language in the world! You can get a chance to learn Turkish with the courses that your university will offer you, and you can be friends with people from many different cultures.

Now that you are convinced, let us discuss how to begin your application to any Turkish University. Michelle and Anthony consulting has made this easy by partnering with several Turkish universities to provide you with free quality education. This partnership led to the birth of a “Way up abroad” program.

The way up abroad program connects you with affordable and quality universities for your undergraduate and postgraduate degree with access to a variety of courses. It offers you:

  • Free Tuition: Earn an internationally reputable degree without paying any tuition fee in any of our 25 private or public universities.
  • Opportunity to learn a new language: Learn to speak Turkish and understand their European culture. Get exposure to a wide range of opportunities in a rapidly urbanizing world.
  • Get a work-study permit: Work up to 20 hours a week while you study to earn an income to support your living costs. This is also a good pathway to employment after your degree.
  • Travel Opportunities: Explore several European countries with tourism opportunities available to students.
  • Affordable student accommodation: Get access to comfortable space for as low as $100 a month, inclusive of breakfast and dinner.
  • Visa support: Get premium assistance to get your student visa to Turkey from Michelle & Anthony Consulting.

Excited to get started, all you have to do is:

  • Register for the CBT Assessment by clicking
  • Pay Assessment Fee of N5,000 for CBT or N10,000 for online.
  • Upon obtaining pass mark, submit required credentials to Michelle & Anthony Consulting
  • Receive Admission letter from Turkish University.
  • Begin Visa Application process with our support.
  • Secure Accommodation Arrangements
  • Travel to Turkey
  • Resume School in September

So, what are you waiting for, visit to begin your application!!!















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