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Working as a nurse is one of the popular professions in Germany, however, with an aging society and a decreasing number of young people, the demand for nurse practitioners in Germany is currently on the rise. Hospitals, nursing homes, and other care facilities in Germany require nursing personnel with various levels of qualifications to meet the increasing demand in the healthcare in the country.

In a bid to provide solutions, the German government implemented a new law relaxing the visa requirements for nurses. This is a huge opportunity for young people looking to start a career in Nursing in Germany. Under the new law, Fachkraefteeinwanderungsgesetz [Skilled Workers Immigration Law], a qualified foreign worker that speaks good German can get a 6-month visa to look for a job.

This implies that anyone with vocational training that is up to the German standards can get a German work visa, provided they have successfully cleared at least B-1 level German language tests. This is a piece of cake when you go through a pathway provider, more importantly, one with a longstanding track record of success and deep experience, like EURASIA INSTITUTE.

What is the Eurasia Institute?

The Eurasia institute is a well-established pathway provider for university entrance in Germany, with around 600 students per year. Founded in 1993 by the British sinologist, Andrew Geddes, the institute has been providing education solutions in more than 80 countries for almost a quarter of a century. These include high school graduates, postgraduates, career-seekers, and educational institutes.

EURASIA collaborates with partner schools, institutes, and universities worldwide to provide institutionalized pathway programs within the framework of dual degrees and academic exchange programs. The Institute is registered with the Berlin Senate for Education, Science, and Research and is an accredited test center for all university entrance exams.

EURASIA Institute can help you unfold your academic future in one of the most advanced nations of the world. It offers a supportive environment, academic opportunities, arranges suitable accommodation, insurance, and helps you with registration with the local authorities, activation of the blocked account, and an extension of your visa.

Want to Pursue A Nursing Career in Germany?

Eurasia is currently running a learn-and-earn professional working program in Berlin. It is a three-year paid undergraduate program, that requires on-the-job training with a basic salary in a Berlin-based health sector company. Upon completion, you attain the qualification of a State Examined Nurse. Examined nurses can proceed to work in the following career openings:

  • Hospitals, specialist practices, or health centres
  • Old people’s homes and nursing homes
  • Outpatient care services
  • Child care
  • Short-term care facilities in hospices
  • Dormitories for people with disabilities
  • Qualifications upgrade to specialisit nursing: eg ICU, OP ward etc.
  • Academic upgrades to BA/MA
  • Independent nursing business

Requirements to Work as a nurse in Germany through EURASIA

 To begin this vocational training, Eurasia will carry out certain assessment to ensure that a prospective candidate is eligible. Some of these major assessments are:

  • Academic Assessment
  • Career Assessment
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Personal Interview

After these assessments are done, the student is expected to provide the following documents to begin his/her registration. Documents required are:

  • Translated and legally certified secondary school certificate and transcript of record.
  • Passport copy.
  • Passport photo.
  • CV (gapless).
  • Application/statement of motivation to become a nurse (word format).

Below is a step-by-step process that will be carried out by the institute:

  • Inquiry-Eligibility proof.
  • Submission of required document.
  • Receive an invoice.
  • Pay the required amount and start learning German online.
  • Pre-admission letter processing.
  • Receive admission letter and work contract.
  • Attend visa appointment.
  • Arrive in Berlin.
  • Complete Telc exam
  • Begin earning and learning.

Once you have completed all these entry assessments and provided the necessary documents, the next step is to:

  • Begin German language class on the 19th of April.
  • Write German A1 exam on the 9th of June.
  • Start German A2 exam on the 21st of June and write exams on the 16th of August.
  • Start German B1 classes on the 18th of August and write exams on 8th of July.
  • August to October, Job interview parallel to completion of B1.
  • November-January, Visa interview
  • September-February, continue with German level B2.
  • March 22nd fly to Germany for crash course in nursing German.
  • March 22nd begin training and receive first paycheck.

Why Choose Eurasia Institute’s Vocational Nursing Pathway Program ?

Although there are various vocational nursing programs, the Eurasia institute stands out from the rest for the following reasons:

  • Flexible admission requirement
  • No specific subject is required at high school.
  • Quick entry into the nursing practice after school
  • Training allowance to help you start your own life.
  • No block account is needed.
  • Possibilities of further studies while earning.
  • Huge job opportunities even in parrel to training
  • Internationally recognized certification
  • Residence and work permit on completion with a monthly wage around 2500-3000€
  • Medical vocabulary is taught on arrival in Germany.
  • Language success guarantee
study nursing in germany

How Eurasia helps you from Start to Finish

Pre-arrival support

  • University conditional offer letter (student’s confirmation of eligibility to study in German)
  • Visa documentation
  • Blocked account opening support
  • Provisional insurance
  • Visa support

Preparation programme & support with university Application

  • Intensive language preparation course from A1 to C1 (30 lessons per week)
  • Preparation for the entrance exam at university (STK/TestDaF/DSH exam)
  • Individual advisory service and counseling for final admission
  • Reservation of accommodation

After reading all these benefits, you must be wondering how much it will cost for you to have access to all these benefits. Get ready to be mind-blown!

How much does it cost?

Your total required investment with Eurasia Institute for your language certification is €10,000. The fees cover:

  • Learning German including technical vocabulary and Nursing German
  • Training admission letter
  • Employment contract (provisional)
  • Intercultural preparation
  • Workplace preparation
  • Job application coaching

Oh!!! Compared to the fees you would be paying to study Nursing, this is actually a steal as it’s less than one year tuition fees in a typical University.

But it gets better! Because you get a earn 100,000€+ in you only your first 5 years and just the beginning!

That’s a whopping 1000%+ return on your investment – Let’s look at how all you earnings comes together starting from your very first year in training.

Before Nursing Certification

Annual Gross Income before tax:

  • 1st year – €13,692
  • 2nd year – €14,424
  • 3rd year – €15,636

Approximate monthly costs for health insurance, unemployment insurance, and pension – €231

After Nursing Certification

You get a full-time job placement at €33,600 to €42,000 per year afterward.

What are you waiting for?

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