Earn The Canadian Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) with Kanata Academy Online

Enjoy all the benefits of being a domestic student, including the same University Application system as Canadian students.

Your child can now study 100% in Nigeria and earn the world-renowned Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) for a fraction of the cost.The OSSD gives you unparalleled access to any top university worldwide including A-list institutions like Harvard, Yale, Oxford and so on.

24/ 7 Live
On-Demand Tutoring

Direct Access to teachers in real-time on your preferred messaging app 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Online Learning
Management System

All course content, lessons, assessment, and interaction take place in our world class Ed Tech Platform

Get An Ontario
Education Number

Get Automatic registration with the Ontario Ministry of Education to access to benefits as a domestic student

Education Curriculum

Take the OSSD as sole education
with an assigned virtual teacher,
or integrated into a school curriculum

Video lessons

Lesson plans are customised to students' learning preferences and needs with access to direct feedback from teachers

University Application Advisory

Enjoy premium admissions application support and apply to Top universities worldwide with Kanata Acadmy's Application System

About The OSSD

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma, or OSSD, is the final certificate given to a high school student upon successful completion of their studies in the Ontario province. 

Much like the Ordinary ‘O’ level Certificate in Nigeria, the OSSD is a requirement for attending university in Ontario and other parts of Canada. But for international students, the OSSD comes with a huge load of unbelievably amazing benefits. 

Kanata Academy Online’s longstanding reputation with the Ontario Ministry of Education pushes this a step further and enables them to offer the OSSD curriculum entirely online, irrespective of the student’s location. So your child can take courses from the comfort of your home, with a customized learning schedule and still enjoy all the perks of a domestic Canadian student.

The Miracle of Blended Learning

Blended learning, which mixes traditional face-to-face education with technology, has become increasingly popular in educational institutions over the years. 

It gives the student some element of control over the time, place, path or pace of learning, opening a world of opportunities for flexible and more customized learning experiences. 

Kanata Academy Online is licensed by the Ontario Ministry of education to offer blended learning, which gives International Students the amazing opportunity to earn the Canadian OSSD 100% from the comfort of your home without stepping a foot in Canada. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, the gap
year is another great opportunity for your child to get the OSSD. However, we
will require the local school in Nigeria to provide the transcripts from JSS3 –
SS3. He/ she will then be enrolled into grade 12 of the OSSD programme which is
a University Pathway Programme.

Credits are awarded by the Ontario Ministry of Education for the previous grades taken in Nigeria based on the child’s academic performance as detailed in the transcripts forwarded.

Classes are 100% online and completely flexible, saving you the cost of travelling physically to study online in Canada. As such, all educational resources (Videos, textbooks, assignments, tests, explanatory videos and more) will be accessible on your child’s Online Educational Management account (EDSBY). Your child also gets access to On-demand explanatory Videos and On-demand live sessions with the Canadian teacher, which can be scheduled at a convenient time for both teacher and student.

Yes, they can. The Canadian OSSD with Kanata Academy Online can be taken along with normal schooling calendar. Students can always access their EDSBY accounts and go through the lessons at a desired time after schooling hours, over the weekends, or through the holidays.

Each grade can be completed within 2, 3 months or 4 months depending on how the courses are spread out for each month.

During the first interaction with the Canadian teacher, the student’s learning pace is determined as well as how many courses per month the student will like to take depending on his/her schedule. Students can decide to take one course per month, two courses per month, three or more courses per month as desired, which determine how long it will take to complete the grade.

Not directly. The cost of the programme has been heavily discounted already for the Nigerian market. However, we have partnered with Heritage bank to provide soft loans if you want a flexible payment plan.